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Are you considering investing in a summer house in France
but not sure how to proceed?
Our team can make your investment happen
and take the right decision.

We are trained in furnished rentals and international needs, with or without setting up a company structure for this investment, so we can assist you with all aspects of your project.

One option is to set up a furnished rental company in France, which can reduce the cost of your investment and enable you to enjoy the comfort of your own home whenever you want it.
We can help you set up your project, manage your accounting, and handle your personal income tax declaration in France and all related declarations.

Here’s how we would work together in 5 key steps

1 | Personalized analysis of your project

Explain your project to our team so we can study together the best solution for you that suits your future goals.

2 | Setting up your project

We can take care of all formalities in connection to setting up your furnished letting in France.

3 | Easy document transmission

You can easily send us all your paperwork through our dedicated platform.

4 | Managed accounting

We take care of the accountancy of your renting company in France (financial statements).

5 | No more doubts and thoughts about your tax returns

We do your personal income tax declaration in France and all the related declarations.

Augefi Location Meublée team, in partnership with French Business Advice team, is trained and accustomed in both furnished rentals and international needs.
So don’t hesitate to reach out to further discuss your project and get a personalized quote:

See you soon!